The Internet is the New LAN

As we build more and more functionality into both the client and server sides of the Internet, we’re ending up with, well, client-server technology. But instead of a server in a closet up on the 3rd floor, it’s around the world.

If Microsoft were to update Visual Basic’s user interface and transmission protocols a little, they could leapfrog everyone with a rich Internet application platform ;-)


  1. yeah! then the new ‘new’ internet can be the stuff you access with your phone in a village somewhere in Africa ;)

  2. The human heart is the OLD local area network, so if we could get those two LAN things together that will ensure a much greater LANguage.

    What I personally think about when I think of the internet is the rich anthropology of humanity as it evolved from tribe (as a hunter) to village (as a farmer) and then in the two machine led ages, the city (industrial machine era of mechanization) and now cyberspace (semantic machine era of technology), and in all these stages of development whether natural based or machine, whether body orientated or mind orientated – the quest for freedom is what I most prominently seek to pay personal attention to and such freedom is the sum of the OLD LAN and the NEW LAN, wisely but practically deployed.


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