Hamel and the Technology-Driven Future of Management

Here’s some terms from a recent interview with Gary Hamel, management guru…

digital device
the Web
Googlers and bloggers and mashers and podcasters
open source projects
PCs, routers, and hubs
social network

I’m fascinated by his view that technology — particularly Internet tools — will change management. This isn’t just the hyper-hype of the Cluetrain Manifesto, this is a top-tier business professor who regularly publishes in HBR. When I wondered aloud a couple years ago, Who are the new rebels? (Managers?), I saw this as daydreaming, but perhaps the entrepreneurs of the Internet will also influence future management techniques.


  1. I think a culture of participation will be the largest development as a result of all this. It truly will affect how work is established within and across organizations. Some good times ahead!

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