A Schedule for Planning a Presentation

I tend to think and think and think and think and, at the last minute, throw together slides that represent what I want to say. This time I resolved to be more prepared. Here’s my deadlines:

  1. Aug 29 – Make schedule; list all potential points I could make; filter points to ones I should make
  2. Sept 3 – Outline talk
  3. Sept 6 – Collect/make audio/visuals
  4. Sept 13 – Complete draft of presentation
  5. Sept 19 – Revise draft
  6. Sept 21 – Rehearse presentation
  7. Sept 22 – Leave for Amsterdam

In reality, the outline talk and collect/make audio/visuals steps are happening together, which is feeling like a nice way to craft my story for a conference. Establishing intermittent deadlines gets my ass motivated, and knowing I have time to iterate assures me I can get the quality to where I want it.

See also How To Tell A Story.

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