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Business Design Term Alert: “Hybrid”

Not that Crain’s NY is any sort of reliable trend watcher, but this me-too article on people who combine technical and artistic skills comes with an interesting frame: hybrids. In one word it sums up a natural blend of two or more disparate skill sets and perspectives, and does so with a term that’s in vogue for its ecological connotations. The business design community, with its confusing label, could do worse than steal this one.

  1. So then, what and how would be able to give a bit of “hipness” to solutions that are a mix of right and left brain, of intuition and method, strategy and luck? On not expose them for what they are a mix of things that don’t necessarily feel right together?

  2. Good question.

    Last week I was doing a Six Thinking Hats exercise with my class ( and realized this might be one way. The entire exercise is planned and rational, yet it includes elements that explicitly encourage creativity (green hat) and emotions (red hat). So, in general, embedding one in the other is one method, in a Trojan Horse sort of way.

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