Blue Oceans for Little Fish

I recently finished my first three-week session at Stacy’s Boot Camp, a calisthenics-based workout class held for one hour, three times a week, for three weeks. Sometime during the class when I was trying to avoid thinking about the pain I was in, it occured to me this is a wonderful example of a Blue Ocean strategy on a small scale.

  • The classes take place in New York City parks, so the costs and kept low and the savings are passed to the student
  • The unique offering requires no gym, and therefore no knowledge of equipment, no signup fee, no long obligatory memberships, etc.
  • It’s a very intense workout, using the latest understanding of body-weight strength training, three times-a-week whole-body workouts, and circuit training. Some simple content expertise makes this possible, and there’s no doubt that at the end of the session one is in better shape than at the beginning.

The kicker is that this doesn’t have to be a small business; Stacy could expand to parks all over the world, much faster than a gym chain could.


  1. That’s a great concept. Tai chi teachers have been working it to filth for many years. However, year round classes pose a variety of challenges.

  2. The boot camp goes year-round. Working out in rain and snow just complements the raw difficulty of the activity, and therefore of the brand. So in that sense Boot Camp in the park in New York is more sustainable than Tai Chi. Brilliant, huh?

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