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How to Run

One thing blogging has given me is a place to put summaries of good stuff. I find books increasingly too long and boring to read through, I crave the gist.

Much of what we know about fitness can be boiled down into relatively simple processes. Here’s the common formula for increasing your running endurance:

  1. Run for as long as is comfortable
  2. Walk for 1 minute
  3. Repeat the above for 30 minutes
  4. Each day, increase your running time 1 minute
  5. Gradually decrease your walking breaks, to one about 2/3 through the
    workout, and eventually to none
  1. How to Lose Weight:

    1. Eat less
    2. Get out more

    How to Argue:

    1. Listen
    2. Think
    3. Modify
    4. Repeat

    How to Speak:

    1. Slow down

  2. Thanks! I usually bundle those first two steps into one general rule:

    • Eat fewer calories than you burn

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