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Frog Design Groks SmartEx

Ian Curry, design analyst at Frog Design, pens an interesting look at the current state of design education in The Known Unknowns: Exploring the evolution of design education in response to the industry’s expanding role. We’re honored he includes SmartEx alongside the Institute of Design and Stanford’s, two schools for which we have great respect.

Curry writes…

Lombardi’s current project is designing a design school. Yes, a design school, but not as we know it. He hopes to close the gap between what schools teach and what the industry requires. As a web guy, Lombardi sees this gap as the result of a classic coordination cost problem. Traditional schools are beholden to administrative tasks, which lessen their agility when it comes to changes in the field. Lombardi’s answer is a new kind of school, coordinated over the web but with meetings in real classrooms around Manhattan. Launched recently, Smart Experience is essentially an experiment in bottom-up design education. Using a wiki-like format, students request topics they want to learn about and instructors pitch classes they want to teach.

  1. I just heard of your initiative (SmartEx) from this post and it reminded me immediately of some J.C. Jones reflections on design education and methodology, especially in The Internet and everyone – is that relevant? I have been working on Jones material now for about 3 years at a design school in Milano… cheers

  2. Thanks Luca. I haven’t heard of Jones but I’ll definitely check it out.

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