Web 2.0 & Web 1.5

Have you ever upgraded software and then wish you hadn’t?

That’s the feeling I get sometimes when using the new generation of rich user interface websites. Many are great, though some seem to be going over-the-top in a play for attention. We made some great strides with Web 1.5, simplifying the UI and increasing text size and amount of white space. And these apps sometimes still perform better than their Web 2.0 contenders. I tried Yahoo’s beta mail for a while then switched back to the less finicky classic version. Renkoo seems to have so much potential as an Evite-killer, but the slick interface made it harder and more error-prone to create an invite, so I’m sticking with Goovite.

Until our design skills catch up with our technology, will we need to return to GOMS analysis?


  1. COme check out Planypus… it has a simple design and according to our users a pretty intuitive plan making UI. Also its the only app out there that lets everyone be an organizer and truly exposes the power of the group.

    Happy planning, Cheers!

  2. Hey have you had a chance to check out Planypus? We’d love your feedback. We are currently undergoing a major redesign too…

  3. I have a real hate and sadness that I moved to the new hotmail. It’s terrible and I wish I could move back to the classic version.

  4. Yup! I swing between new Beta and old classic, especially if the page load is taking ages.. There was a word for such apps, back in the old days, they called it thick clients.. Nowadays they call it Java XML Ajax I think :) But NOTHING would make me move to hotmail.. I hate its UI and ads etc. Yahoo is still better..

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