Drugs I Like

I like how this School of Life video reframes what a drug is and encourages us to embrace the drugs that make our life better.

And that got me thinking about which drugs I enjoy. When I was younger I liked some which for several reasons we won’t mention. My needs are tamer now, I can think of

  1. Hot sauce, particularly sriracha and Tabasco.
  2. The sound of an intensely distorted electric guitar.
  3. Tickling my kids.
  4. My wife’s kisses.
  5. The light and sounds and smells of the Adirondacks and the beach.
  6. Moisturizer.
  7. A great pair of jeans.
  8. The sleepy, relaxed feeling from staying up late.
  9. Coming in from the bitter cold to a warm home, a glass of bourbon by the fireplace, and my cold face tingling as it warms.