The first SmartEx class was taught this week and went off without a hitch. While it’s a real working course from the students’ point of view, behind the scenes I’m using it as a prototype to quickly learn better ways of doing everything schools do. I was even planning to take a hit financially in the interest of testing, but enough people signed up to make it profitable too.

Incidentally, I love the local retail stores that proudly display the first cash they made, posting bills on the walls. Here’s my digital equivalent of that, a screen shot after the first students signed up…

First smartex signups


  1. That’s great… congratulations! :)

    Just curious–are you building your own course management app, or is there an existing product you’re using?

  2. congrat! So good to hear you have launched and that you have good attendance.

  3. Thank you all!

    Gene — apparently I’ve sent the impression that the classes happen online. They actually are all in-person classes, for now at least. Having taught in both formats, I don’t think the kind of quality pedagogy I’m aiming for can happen online yet.

    When we do, I’ll probably use a combination of simple tools: text, video, quizzes… something like Adobe Connect might facilitate this.

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