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Management Advice: Which 90% is Crap?

I like everything Bob Sutton has written, including this anti-bullshit manifesto:

I wish I could wave my magic wand and provide you with a 100% reliable and shock-proof “management advice crap detector.” Alas, life is too messy and uncertain… But we’ve found five guidelines that can increase your hit rate, that will help you do a better—if imperfect—job of deciding which advice to ignore, study more closely, and perhaps implement on a trial basis.

  1. Treat Old Ideas As If They Are Old Ideas.
  2. Be Suspicious of Breakthrough Ideas and Studies.
  3. Understand The Incentives For The People Who are Selling You The Idea.
  4. Are They Telling You That “All The Best Companies” Or “Most Of The Fortune 500” Do It?
  5. Most of The Best Ideas Are Remarkably Simple.