Would you come to a business design conference in the U.S.?

Cumulus has planned a conference titled Design Thinking & Innovation: Towards an Asian Perspective in Singapore with Victor Margolin as keynote speaker…

…debating about these topics are a challenge for a symposium aspiring to offer an egression, not a series of positional parametric rhetoric on design issues, but a kind of cynosure to engage, postulate and clarify divergent views on design thinking and innovation, particularly from an Asian perspective.

I think a similar event held in the U.S. — based around discussion rather than presentations — on the topic of business, design, and innovation would be well-received. If it happened, would you go?


  1. I think there’s a real good opportunity for an event like this, especially on the East coast (where it’d have an entirely different flavor than the West coast).

  2. Absolutely. The best situation would be that it was half (serious) business folks and half design/IA/UX, etc. An honest, direct discussion would be extremely valuable for people from both groups.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. So you may be interested to know of an organization dedicated to exploring this very issue. The non-profit Business Innovation Factory is a community of innovators collaborating to explore and test better ways to deliver value.

    Our Research Advisory Council is made up of thought leaders in business, design and innovation. Our annual summit, which takes place in October, will feature storytellers from each of these areas as well as a number of talented business, government, education and arts executives [we call them do-ers]. You can check out the video stories from last year’s summit on our site. No powerpoint presentations here…just amazing stories which were then followed up with opportunities for networking, discussion, etc. [And we’re on the east coast!]

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