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Is Angie a design thinker?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making waves at Davos. I like her attitude: “She acknowledged the political necessity to move ‘in small steps.’ She added, ‘In Germany, sometimes things never get going because one doesn’t know how it will work out, and maybe it’s better to do nothing. That’s not my maxim.’

  1. Victor, while I understand that you wife is actually German I trust that you’ve also heard that it has been her folks (CDU) who have blocked innovation and modernisation of the social welfare system as well as the economic structures for the last 7 years! For me her public reception is a complete miracle and I’m looking forward to seeing how she will translate the meta concept of the “creative imperative” into meaningful actions …

  2. Ralf, I can understand your point. Politically, it’s been a complex and messy situation.

    For me what makes Merkel different from Schröder is more about attitude than policy or action. Schröder seemed to be a populist, and neither he nor anyone in the federal government were willing to do the difficult and unpopular things that needed to be done. Merkel is. What party she belongs to seems irrelevent.

    That’s why I interpret design thinking in her actions, because she’s willing to risk some failure in order to create something new and ‘turn the current situation into a preferred siutation.’

  3. Victor, got your point as well. However this seems to be a discussion to be postponed to another place at another time … ;-)

  4. is ralf a design thinker?
    just kidding – (we all know he is)

    BUT: i do very much like what you pointed out, victor.
    Why? because GERMAN in it’s essence can be very much about being a crazy mono-maniac. it is about YES or NO, NIGHT or DAY, UP or DOWN, right or wrong and this can be tremendously, tremendously thought paralyzing.

    (when you are living in a different culture for some time you get a clear feeling for the advantages and disadvantages that come with it)

    it is about EITHER – OR and definitely NOT about the small steps.

    and that is why i have to say: i like what i hear from little miss angie. i liked it already in her new years address to the country.
    small steps – that is exactly what the doctor ordered…

    because it is small steps that take you best through unknown territories (but as a german you have to learn that from a woman).

    i think (and feel): we do not have to wait to judge her. here and today, ladies and gentlemen, we can already wholeheartedly agree with mister victor lombardi and say: well spoken, leading lady!
    go on angie.
    that is exactly what is needed now.
    well spoken.

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