Same product, new attitude

Irreverent online outfitter Moosejaw Mountaineering‘s homepage currently reads: “The person who wrote this text just started at Moosejaw. He is not funny. But we’ve got softball season coming up and he’s a ringer.NYT Magazine says,

This is not your standard outdoor-brand message, which tends to go something like this: Our stuff is strictly for the hard-core, not for the poseur (so never mind that you keep seeing our logo on people loading their S.U.V.’s in mall parking lots). Wolfe, however, says he has learned that the ”hard-core user” has no problem with Moosejaw’s approach — and not because it’s subtle or sneaky but because it’s so over the top.

They managed to keep the traditional audience and add a new audience by deviating from the usual way of doing business, in this case altering their identity. Small Dog is another example of same product, new attitude.