1. I’m behind on my reading, but I’ve been thinking about ‘why’ we have the shift in business thinking towards design. I’m hoping once I get to these books, they’ll have some insights, but for now, my take is: in the past business had to manage constraints (time, money, products, manufacturing, markets) to create possibility. In the new age (of imagination, conception, or whatever), we’ve removed all of the constraints (except for time), so now businesses have to create constraints to manage possibility.

  2. Austin — that’s a great insight. Dan Pink describes it in terms of being forced by “Asia, Abundance and Automation” into a position of needing to rely more on our right brain. The Abundance criteria is similar to your point (we have so much we could buy a toilet brush by a world-famous designer, if only we had free space in our home to store it). We’re experiencing abundance because, as you say, we have fewer constraints than before, and yet because that’s true of everyone there’s more competition. We need design thinking both to take advantage or *and* survive in this environment; the cup is half-full and half-empty simultaneously!

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