metacool is itself cool

Diego Rodriguez — instructor at Stanford’s — has a blog called metacool that’s the product of an engineering + MBA educated brain, definitely worth a look.

For example, he discusses Nike’s Considered line of shoes:

Considered shoes generate 63% less waste in manufacturing than a typical Nike design.  The use of solvents has been cut by 80%.  And a stunning 37% less energy is required to create a pair of shoes. Is Considered a perfect example of green design?  No, but when was the last time anyone did anything to perfection?  I’m just happy to see a big, public company like Nike — with everything to lose, and not so much to gain — take a leadership role in trying to forge a new market space for environmentally friendly, socially relevant products.  This is a wonderful first step.

I think green products will soon hit a tipping point, making Nike’s gamble pay off big. More on this in a future post.