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Being client-centered

More notes from Managing the Professional Service Firm

About a third through the book, Maister starts to repeat himself a little, hammering home one of his overarching themes of service. He says you must be client-centered, particularly interesting advice when you’re running a user-centered design firm. This is a balance we’re familiar with, and as designers learn more about business it becomes less a conflict and more a synthesis of the two goals.

  • Make clients feel special. Imagine the effect of a hand-written note.
  • Explain the process; they should know what’s going to happen before it happens
  • It’s not about schmoozing, but simply having a great attitude
  • To do this on a firm-wide basis, it must be implemented as a system
    • Measurement
    • Management
    • Tips and tools
    • Training
    • Rewards
  • See the tables on pgs. 106-7, 9