in Process

Retail Design

Her shop in Brooklyn is small but cozy. In a line around the walls are framed samples of her work with inlaid photos of the happy customers. The storefront blends in with the others on the block. The simple sign over the window reads, ‘Websites – Cheap.’

Patrons come in and chat about what they’d like. She asks a few questions about who the site is for and what will be on the site, then she shows them a few sites to get an idea of the overall scale. Sometimes the patrons relax in one of the big, comfy chairs and browse through the large 3-ring binders that serve as catalogs. The catalogs are sorted by website style and include price and time estimates for each design. The colorful screens are interspersed with questions like,

‘Serious, or fun?’

‘What will your website say about you.’

‘How will people feel after visiting your site?’

Normally she sits behind the counter quietly working on her computer. Occasionally she gets up to chat with the folks hanging out and refills their lemonade.