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Article: The Semantic Website

Get a pot of coffee or two in me and out pops another article, this time in Digital Web under the unwieldy title of Smarter Content Publishing, Building a semantic website to increase the efficiency and usability of publishing systems. Don’t bother reading it, I’ll sum it up for you:

  1. Manually marking up HTML is lame, computers should automatically do that for us
  2. The content management system trend is making publishing easier and less expensive (see Movable Type)
  3. CMS still has a lot of inefficiencies, requiring business users to think about web design instead of business
  4. Metadata to the rescue! Just keep layering the stuff until you’re talking business terms instead of design terms
  5. It’s hard, but that never kept us from using technology before
  6. It’s actually an application of the Semantic Web, but aren’t you glad I didn’t tell you that at the beginning?

If you do bother to read it, hopefully you won’t agree with this guy from the Web Ontology Working Group who wrote in to tell me it was great. ‘Cause that doesn’t help me improve. I need some constructive feedback. Did you like the topic but thought the level was too hard or too easy? Do you want more examples? More theory? Too long, too short? Tell me.