The Conspiracy of Cool
Why We Are(n't) Cool

Consequently, most answers to our whiteboard question dripped with sarcasm. A few sincere souls offered commonly held conceptions of new media cool, which I refute here point by point:

  1. You can work at the office in your ripped gym shorts Does this make you cool? No, it makes you comfortable. Not a bad thing, but we've all admired others who transcend the boring business suit or, better yet, look great in one.
  2. Average age of employees is 33 Young is daring, dynamic, and energetic. Young is also inexperienced, ignorant, and arrogant. It's a toss up.
  3. The ping pong table Many of us work at companies that have yet to turn a profit, where investors are eagerly awaiting that profit, and that therefore race against competitors for features and sponsorship. Personally we have to-do lists so long it hurts to look at them. Are we going to stop working and play ping-pong? I don't think so.
  4. Stock options If you're a director, VP, CEO, or have a fantastic potential career path within the company then stock options bring value. The rest of us face the choice of stunting our careers while holding out for the big IPO/buyout or else leaving for a better job because, chances are, our small new media shop doesn't offer much in the way of a career path. Besides, chances are the token amount of options we receive as a non-CEO are only an incentive if they pay off Yahoo-big, and that ain't likely. Chances are even your CEO options can be bettered by some other, more aggressive, startup.
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Why We Are(n't) Cool
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