The Conspiracy of Cool
Marketing Cool

Is this simply Dilbert-like disdain toward marketing types and these puffy public relations pursuits? Of course. But as active participants in a market economy we condone the necessity of marketing, and even like it sometimes. Part of this griping is continued denial to accept the pay per view Internet of today. Those damn MBAs and dead-tree marketing types just can't help themselves when it comes to plundering a new market.

What's done is done, there's no point in living in the past. But cool? That's going too far. You can stick banner ads in my face all day, but calling yourself cool is like a comedian telling the audience he is funny. I know you're cool when your product kicks my ass. Have Harvard and Wharton found the essence of attitude? I don't think so.

Knowledge is Power
Marketing Cool
Why We Are(n't) Cool
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