Bruce Hannah on Prototyping

I’m back from Overlap 08 which is becoming my reliable annual inspiration for all things professional. It will surely fuel more thoughts here, but I wanted to capture one thing Deb Johnson said that Bruce Hannah taught her in design school:

Mock it up before you fuck it up.

The profanity I think is not just him being glib but actually justified in most cases.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I work in a organisation that enables innovation in large companies, and we do this through practising “creative behaviours”. One of these we term “Realness”, and it’s the concept of creating a version of something, however low tech and “paper and sellotape” it is, just to get the idea itself into the real world. It’s amazing the amount of builds and idea can gain through it being in a room, and the lessons learnt from the process of just trying to make something in it’s rawest form.

  2. I said “Mock It Up Before you Fock It Up!”

    Just trying to correct the profanity.
    “T” shirts are available

    Bruce Hannah

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