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The Social Media Bandwagon

So big companies are adopting social media. As they take a shortcut by buying software from BigCo-friendly vendors like Pluck, one has to wonder how long it’ll take before customers experience social media fatigue.

And, in the rush to install the software, I wonder if they even think about being in competition with Blogger, Flickr, and the other quite-good industry leaders? In the past I’ve seen many efforts to consider vertical search just to realize that everyone doing search is competing with Google. I wonder if the same realization will come with social media, or if social media will simply become the new paradigm for most media?

  1. Victor,

    One school of thought would be that there would be incentive based social media models that will evolve. Ofcourse there are many right now through google ads etc, but going deeper there is a business value for Orgs in (correct) application of social media. I think this will lead to more specialized applications along with incentive models.

    Competiton with flickr etc.. I guess as this reaches an equilibrium stage, many players might fall off but some niche players might emerge.. ??

  2. Yep, they want to create their own communities rather joining one of the perfectly good, existing ones.

    It’s about participation and not control.

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