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Engage: Resources on Designing for Emotion

Trevor van Gorp just pointed me to the Engage site which — once you’ve completed the free registration — has a wealth of resources for doing research and design with emotions in mind (which, given we’re emotional creatures, should be pretty much always).

Trevor, incidentally, just finished an impressive master’s thesis at the University of Calgary on emotional state chaining. Hopefully he’ll start doing workshops to teach his techniques to the rest of us. He’ll have a website up soon.

  1. Hi Victor,
    Didn’t notice you linked to the ENGAGE website until now. Thanks for that! Within the Design & Emotion Society I am responsible for the ENGAGE project. Unfortunately, the project itself will stop as from this month on, but all the tools and methods and the network are adopted by the D&E Society.
    I encourage everybody to go to the website, sign up and share your knowledge with 2000 other professionals with the same interest!

    Personally, I interview leading experts on, about ‘designing for emotion’. I invite everybody to have a look there as well.


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