Chaulk One Up for Blogs: The Satorialist

The Satorialist has suddenly made a big splash in both the blogging and fashion worlds with a very simple idea: take photos of wonderfully-dressed everyday people on the street and post them on a blog. The author’s eye and insightful commentary create little moments of education and beauty. We knew about the threats to classifieds and news and encyclopedias, and this peck at the high-media establishment further demonstrates that everything — even the insular fashion publishing world — is subject to the democratization of publishing.

Next time you’re at the bookstore have a look around and wonder what wouldn’t benefit from a simpler or more social approach or a whole new perspective.

This photo is titled, What Every American Boy Dreams Parisian Girls Look Like. Sigh.


  1. Thats a great idea. It funny here in asia, in particular Singapore, our ladies fashion sense are really not the best. T-shirts jeans and crocs or berkies…boring when all the ladies dress the same.

  2. Indeed we who strut our stuff on the streets have always known where the fashion edge comes from. This blog is true confirmation and I applaud its freshness.

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