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Hyundai Brand Evolution

Hyundai successfully entered the U.S. market as a low-cost competitor, became established, and has even started to offer an affordable luxury model. And now a recent J.D. Power report listing them as the No. 1 non-premium auto maker in terms of perceived quality, ahead of previous frontrunner Toyota.

But when you’re known for being the cheap option, how to you re-educate the market? (While Hyundai’s products are not of the disruptive variety, I’m interested in this challenge because it confronts the typical disruptive innovator.) This Gazelle vs. Lion 30-second commercial from The Richards Group should definitely help.

  1. The core of such disruptive innovation needs to start within organization, it needs to reorient itself and institutionalize the change. I think IBM would fall into similar category on how they brought the change to On-Demand, it spent huge amounts on evaluating their internal management and structures ( Then it becomes on how to communicate to the market and change customers’ brand perception. In my view a big bang approach works the best – Gap is trying to reconstruct itself.. I do not have the link bit they had a commercial (done by O&M) in which their physical store is being destroyed..

    I guess where the efforts have not been as efficient is when it happens in silo, this requires the whole organization re-align as a whole

    – Alok

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