WorldChanging images of the future

My colleague Zap pointed me to some of WorldChanging’s links to images of the future…

Pantopicon’s FFWD>> competition presents a series of themes, and asks for images set in 2005 and 2025 as illustration. (reference)

The Onion’s 2056 issue.

Alex Steffen — in a post wonderfully similar to MIG’s ideas on tangible futuresitemizes tools for delineating the future.

The expansion of CAD designs with motion, time, and plot.

(Image is Edward Burtynsky’s Oxford Tire Pile No. 7)


  1. Hi Victor. Thanks for this great link! My thirst for learning more and more about design methods and their broad application is never ending… Alex

  2. … thanks for this posting and the link on Edward Burtynsky, Victor. Interestingly I’ve stumbled across his works a while ago. Unfortunately I didn’t recall his name and website as I was looking for one of his photos on ship deconstruction in India for a presentation recently. Well, seems I’m back on track now ;-) Have a nice day!

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