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Hire us, Forrester says so

Though we probably wouldn’t refer to ourselves as a design agency, these are kinds words from the folks in Cambridge…

Tap design agencies for a jump-start on culture and process.
Many companies turn to outside agencies for help designing self-service channels or products — but the more lasting value of the partnership is often the agency’s ability to influence its client’s culture and process. In addition to sharing their design methodologies, agencies can help clients navigate politically dangerous waters, get people in different organizations talking to each other, and break down barriers to conflict resolution. Seek out agencies — like Management Innovation Group — that actively aim to improve corporate culture and process through design projects.

from Culture And Process Drive Better Customer Experiences

  1. Victor,

    This is indeed an important aspect, most investments do not bring as much value because the culture and processes do not support it. I am wondering if in your experience the organization explictly request for such services or is the requirement about design and you have to influence the thinking, especially because Design thinking as a concept is still new at formal level.

    Alok Jain

  2. Once in a while the client will explictly discuss the need for culture change at the beginning, but more often the initial focus is on the product or process. We work to shift the focus to how the culture is changing because a company with an innovative culture has an easier time of creating innovative processes and products.

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