Architecture and employees

I wonder if this flashy, animated building facade — very not-financial services — changes employees’ perception of Lehman Brothers?

Could it backfire and make employees more cynical?

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  1. How about customers, too? Whether they think much about it or not, people have become ever more cynical towards companies with whom they do business. Facades like that remind me of Enron commercials or political messages that blatantly try to sell you on an image that the essence of that person or organization has no way of fulfilling.

    Companies try to use this type of method at their own peril. How much did Lehman spend on those architectural design and construction? Millions, certainly. Tens of millions, possibly? With that, they could have likely designed and built processes that engage their customers and empower their employees.

    Instead, you get another scattershot multimedia presentation that means nothing except a tired glance from a beaten-down middle manager.

    It’s truly sad that much of the financial resources are concentrated within organizations that have an incredibly difficult time overcoming their myopic tendencies.

    In some ways, that’s motivation for those of us trying to dissemble those constructs or reform them from the inside. With a small slice of those resources, we can do so much.

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