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JetBlue and outsourcing

woman on headset at computer at home Bruce Nussbaum (on his new blog, congratulations Bruce!) argues that JetBlue has pushed prices down through smart operations while avoiding outsourcing. While I agree, one could say CEO Neeleman has been outsourcing in an innovative way for years, by not housing a call center and instead “homesourcing” this function to individuals’ homes. The cost advantages come from relocating the employees geographically and lowering overhead, the same as if he sent the function to India (but without the political backlash).

I don’t know how Neeleman arrived at this idea, but this is just the kind of solution I think can come from good decision design, of creatively generating further ideas in the face of convention to arrive at new and better options.

  1. I can’t agree with you more. There should be more creative thinkers like Neeleman. We need go keep the economy strong and most important, keep the USA residents from losing thier jobs. Without our jobs there will be fewer purchasers of airline tickets anyways, regardless, of lowering the prices. They could be as cheap as $10.00 per ticket, but no unemployed or minimun waged employee would or could purchase.

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