Chuck Owen on design thinking

Design thinking, as a complement to science thinking, embodies a wide range of creative characteristics as well as a number of other special qualities of distinct value to decision makers. In advisory roles, properly prepared design professionals could make substantial contributions to a process now dominated by political and economic views….

I would nominate for design thinking the following characteristics and ways of working:

  • Conditioned inventiveness.
  • Human-centered focus.
  • Environment-centered concern.
  • Ability to visualize.
  • Tempered optimism.
  • Bias for adaptivity.
  • Predisposition toward multifunctionality.
  • Systemic Vision.
  • View of the Generalist.
  • Ability to use language as a tool.
  • Affinity for teamwork.
  • Facility for avoiding the necessity of choice.
  • Self-governing practicality.
  • Ability to work systematically with qualitative information.

Design Thinking: What It Is, Why It Is Different, Where It Has New Value (.pdf)