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Kitchen as management microcosm

If you’ve only seen Gordon Ramsay as the Donald Trump figure in Hell’s Kitchen, you’re missing out on what he really has to teach. In Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC he goes into a slumping restaurant and tries to turn it around in one week. As a manager he can see the whole system: kitchen, menu, balance sheet, product portfolio, interior design, customer service… sometimes he’ll even do wayfinding analysis. As a leader he uses a variety of approaches to teach, from jokes to insults. And while his get yer fookin’ bullocks goin’ style probably only works in the kitchen or construction sites, his sense of management is impressive. Fookin’ brilliant.

If you don’t get BBC/BBC America, I hear it might be out there on the internet somewhere (ahem).

Thanks to Scooter for pointing it out.

  1. I’ve loved watching Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay’s a total ass, but what an education he’s given those young chefs. And I love his approach to designing the total experience.

    Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I’d love learning under someone for who perfection is not an option. I’d seriously dislike them, but I’d love it.

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