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Stone Yamashita talk on business design

An AIGA/Apple Store event…

As designers, we have an extraordinary capacity to help any organization rethink and reinvent itself from within. Yet many of us unwittingly limit ourselves — by assuming that our value is limited to adding design at the end of strategic thinking, as a byproduct, or by focusing too much on artifacts, rather than the experience we want to create. In their presentation, three leaders from Stone Yamashita Partners will challenge us to change the conversation about design. They will argue that we can add extraordinary value to our businesses and our lives if we rethink our attitude to our craft, and start to consider it much more holistically. Drawing on case studies from companies such as HP, Nike, Gap, and eBay, they will argue that design can be central to the conversation in any business, and a powerful force for change.

Wednesday, July 20, 6:00 pm at the Apple Store, One Stockton Street, San Francisco. More info.

  1. Excellent – I’m going to try and check this out – thanks for posting.

    SY had an open-house a few weeks ago; until I ended up going out of town on business I was hoping to go. I heard about it from a colleague, so I sent an email to their contact address on their website, asking for more information (i.e., I didn’t want to crash a party, even if it WAS an open-house event). I never heard a single thing back – let’s hope it was pure inefficiency and not ridiculous arrogance.

  2. I love when this happens…someone from SYP just dropped me an extremely nice message. Looks like the cause was probably one I never bothered to consider – technical error.

    Extra nice is that they offered me a tour of the new offices if I’d like – very cool!

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