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The New Heroes

The New Heroes tells the dramatic stories of 14 daring people from all corners of the globe who, against all odds, are successfully alleviating poverty and illness, combating unemployment and violence, and bringing education, light, opportunity and freedom to poor and marginalized people around the world.

Also known as “social entrepreneurs,” they develop innovations that bring life-changing tools and resources to people desperate for viable solutions. What is possible? You’d be surprised. Take a journey into a world where people take action to make a big difference.

The show will include a profile of KickStart whom I wrote about recently. Hosted by Robert Redford, the series airs on PBS stations Tuesdays, June 28 and July 5, 2005.

  1. An excellent complement to the series is the soundtrack by Christopher Hedge. His music features voices and songs from the series, but still stands by itself very well. A portion of the proceeds are contributed to charities related to the stories profiled in the show, so feel good about checking it out. It’s listed on and

  2. Yes, I too was impressed by the soundtrack/companion CD. An intense combination of Ambient sounds, snippets of dialogue from the series, and a global spectrum of musicians (Paul Horn!) and instruments (Kalimba!).
    Highly Recommended!

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