Razorfish acquired, again

This time for $160 million, by aQuantive, who owns Avenue A. SBI had picked up Razorfish for $8.2 million less than two years ago, but also added MarchFirst, iXL, Scient, Lante, etc. to the mix. Would be interesting to do the math and see how much SBI actually made on the flip (sorry to put it in cold financial terms, but I think that’s all there is to it).

It’s an amazing brand story as well. Consider the strength of the Razorfish name:

  • In the early days Razorfish acquired several other companies but always kept the Razorfish name.
  • After SBI aquired the companies mentioned above, it only rebranded after acquiring Razorfish.
  • And now it lives on as Avenue A/Razorfish.

That name is probably a temporary combination to educate the market, it’ll be interesting to see what the final name becomes. Certainly a lesson in building a brand reputation, even an infamous one.

Contrast with how Semaphore — along with some others — was recently folded into Arc, part of the Publicis group. I’m kinda sad to see the old Semaphore site go away, they had a niche that made sense.