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New User Roadmap

The DAML (The DARPA Agent Markup Language Homepage ) site has a nice variation on the usual site map – the new user roadmap. They list some of the primary users:

  • software developer
  • XML enthusiast
  • logician
  • WWW standards junkie
  • program manager
  • Semantic Web researcher
  • military user
  • reporter

and each is a link to a set of pages for that user type to explore in order to learn about DAML:


  • About DAML
  • DAML+OIL walkthru
  • DAML+OIL axiomatic semantics
  • DAML+OIL model theoretic semantics
  • email list
  • subscribe to the HotDAML Newsletter

And since these are metadata folks, I wouldn’t be surprised if these categories are populated dynamically using metadata.