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Measuring Delight

Not content with measuring the ‘satisfaction‘ or ‘initial quality‘ of automobiles, Strategic Vision seeks to measure ‘Total Quality‘ including the customer’s perception of delight.

Dr. Edwards developed a consumer-friendly scale that allowed them to register their response to the vehicle in highly discriminating ways. Called the Strategic Vision Delight Scale™, it allows a series of judgments to be made. Any aspect of the vehicle can be "A failure," "Unsatisfactory," "Satisfactory," "Excellent" or "Delightful." Owners have been able to discriminate easily between the levels on the scale. "Delightful" is clearly more positive a response than "Excellent."

nswered is this: how does the system affect the entire experience for the driver?

Hopefully the emergence of product research firms focused on measuring user experience will nudge corporations to think more about the customer and not just the product.