in Sweet As Love

Crazed, Shameless Internet Love

Catherine says,

I love the Internet. Love it. I love the little search box where I can type anything I like and it will immediately return something, anything. I love clicking buttons and making things happen. I love following links to see where they lead. I love crazed, shameless teenagers blogging for all to read what I wouldn’t dare to say out loud. I love stores with endless selections and receiving packages in the mail. I love geeky academics and their irrelevant, fascinating pursuit of minutia. I love academic geeks and their endless variation of the social software hack. I love designers high on their own esthetic powers of creation. I love the self-promotional emails from my elected officials. I love the Dad-assisted emails from Mom. I’ll even admit to clicking a banner ad or two and, shit, I’m occasionally humored by the relentless, inane spam.

I’m tired of feeling ashamed of my love. I love the Internet, there it is. Fuck it.