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Links Pertaining to Auditory Interfaces for Internet Applications
last updated 4-19-2000
Mostly in alphabetical order...

My stuff...

Investigating the Implementation of Audio in Human-Computer Interfaces an introduction to the topic, circa 1994 (still relevant)

The Use of Sound in Internet User-Interfaces part of a larger survey called Audio on the Internet, circa 1994 (still relevant)

Everyone else's stuff...

A Critique of Pure Audition from Interval

An Introduction to Auditory Model Inversion from Interval

Auditory Toolbox

The Audible Web: Auditory Enhancements for Mosaic

Aural style sheets Part of the CSS2 specification

Automatic Audio Morphing from Interval

Data Sonification Project Tutorial

International Community for Auditory Display (ICAD) Lots o' links.

LiveAudio Because this requires a Netscape browser plugin, it may only be suitable for intranets. It isn't clear whether this has been supported since 1997 (Netscape Navigator version 3.0).

MISS (My Interactive Sound System) (Microsoft Word file) is an authoring tool that provides tools that support both the creation of sound content and the specification of the runtime behavior of that content in the face of user interaction.

MPEG-4 Audio verification test results: Audio on Internet MPEG-4 [general info] could become the format of choice for Internet audio in the next few years.

NetSound "...comprises a MIME type and a viewer that synthesizes sound in real-time on the local host."

The Next WAVe(sm): Auditory Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases

Sound Synchronization in Flash: an Interview with Alex Kilgo Includes examples of using Flash to synchronize sound with action.

"Tangible Progress: Less Is More In Somewire Audio Spaces" from Interval



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