Inter-Org Navigation Bar

Task: design a navigation bar for thousands of disparate experience design-type people in 15 minutes or less. Go.


  1. Users: assume users are only aware of the organization they are currently viewing. Therefore, include both the abbreviation and the full name in the nav.
  2. List sites to include -> see Keith's user experience directory (did I miss any?)
  3. Survey those sites to get a sense of current layout
  4. Create nav bar layout that is compatible with most sites (all may be impossible)
  5. or...create a few different versions and give each org the option of which to use (could this present an issue of inconsistent 'branding'? perhaps not if the above assumption about users is true)
  6. Logos will be a color palette nightmare. Will each organization's users even recognize or learn to recognize them? Try leaving them out.
  7. Try to separate content from presentation, e.g. use css tags for fonts to let each site specify the right size and face (another instantiation of the branding issue above)


I'm basically riffing off the work Keith has done since it's a great start.

A horizontal nav bar, and in context of the AIGA homepage (forgot to sync the link colors, which would make it blend better).

A vertical nav bar, and in context of the ASIS homepage.